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tea fuelled computer expulsions

tea fuelled computer expulsions

Algorave – Karlsruhe – Germany

A weekend trip from Sheffield to an algorave in Karlsruhe, Germany, would seem to suggest that my love affair with live coding has entered an obsessive new phase.

Aided only by a friend who booked the flights, hotel and train tickets, and who drove to the airport and also mapped out every decent Brauhaus in the city (there are many), the intrepid Nullish set forth. After a pleasing day and a half of city meandering and bock consumpution we landed in the capacious Jubez bar.

A couple of the artists were local but there were others from as far afield as Norway, Leeds (just up the road) and Sheffield (0 miles from where I live). The Jubez website has the full list. Musical styles were equally far ranging. It was a night of two rooms, with the more ambient, noisish performances, which invited hypnotic attention confined to one area, and a larger room given over to techno / dance acts, where one jump about, relax on a bean bag, or in my case be interviewed in a state of beer induced disrepair by a local radio station.

There was a terrific atmosphere of warmth and excitement, and the crowd were rightly appreciative of all the artists.

This I believe, is how electronic music should be enjoyed in social spaces. (Well, you can do what you like, but this is best, trust me). Algorave combines the adrenaline kick of infectious, algorhythmically generated music with the intimacy of human prformance, and the dynamism of improvisation.

Take a look at the video below which shows Canute doing their thing.

Sheffield folk, or indeed Germans as fixated as me, can make it to the next algorave in Sheffield's Access Space on .

24 hours to raise £10,000 for Access Space

The digithon is over. It was tremendous. A host of varied acts came together from all over the world to celebrate the great work of Access Space and help raise money for its future. The Digithon website has all the video, plus goodies, and a link to donate. Please do if you can.

Here's my little bit. Live coding with Tidal - public effort number one: