(live coding electro)

Post euler room improvisation

Twenty minutes of TidalCycles twiddle.

Didn't we have a lovely time?

Euleroom #7 was a huge pleasure, especially as the line-up mostly comprised members of Sheffield's Tidal Club, most of whom hadn't previously performed with TidalCycles.

There was an exciting mix of styles - great crowd pleasers, and great experimentation.

The full set is available via YouTube. Audio and video seem to get divorced along the way, which will keep you guessing. Also, we raised £4million for Access Space through beer sales, so that's a bonus.

Euler Room #7

Euler Room is an occasional series of algorhythm derived dance music events.

There's one happening Saturday 22 April to raise funds for Access Space digital arts lab in Sheffield. We're coding from Access Space and online to the world.

Listen, dance, donate.

Sunday dinner Tidal improv

In which Nullish tries to recall the cutoff syntax from last week

Shift of focus: TidalCycles live coding

I've woken up after a lengthy silence. Here's a short TidalCycles improvisation to usher in the new year.